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Войти Требуется помощь? Запомнить мои данные. Сессия завершена. Сессия закончена! Нажмите OK для возврата на главную страницу ОК. Types of cookies?

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According who is managing them: Own cookies: Regarding the activated period there are: Session Cookies: They remain in your device and our web reads them each time you access. These cookies no longer work after a certain period. Finally and according the purpose we have: Technical Cookies: They improve the browsing and functionality of the web. Customization Cookies; Allowing access to the service with certain predefined features based in a series of criteria Cookies used by Travel Compositor: Name origin purpose type expiration NID google.

TOKEN online. In any case, you can disable the Google Analytics cookies from here Google Maps: Their cookie allows to show sample pictures More information about the cookie type that Google uses in their multiple services 2- How to configure and disable the cookies You can allow, block or erase the installed cookies in your device from your web browser.

Bellow you will find how to configure cookies in each web browser: Collected information. See our Cookie Policy for more information. Specific data of the device used by the user for example, the model, version of the operative system, errors that are generated using the Service, which navigator is used, language, date an hour of the request, URL of reference, others… Data of the user location using different technologies, for example GPS signals sends by a mobile phone, information through WiFi Acces, information on access points Wi-Fi antennas or nearest mobile telephony, among others.

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Always according to the privacy settings on your device. Including the possible transmission of such information to third parties for legal requirement reasons or where such third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Fix related to upcoming Pro Addon update and private vimeo videos. Message dismissal not working. Added allow-presentation to iframe sandbox to fix Chrome 59 not loading iframes. Thanks njs Improved: Admin message and dashboard ad size reduced, added links to dashboard widget, settings page ad is now sidebar-like on big screens.

Removes a. PHP error in some cases. If mode is not supported fall back to normal without error message for now. Changed embed URL for Alugha — 8. Embed Liveleak with https. Remove the default parameter. Mark Liveleak that it not requires flash anymore.

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Becomes very handy as Liveleak annoyingly opens new tabs when clicking outside the play button. Data attributes are no longer prefixed with -arve and various other code improvements. Beta feature Fix: YouTube only playlist URLs embedded without https. Global CSS id was not correctly added. Some Brightcove URLs were not correctly detected. Better automated tests and some minor code enhancements. Some texts, new link to the settings page below parameter field.

How aspect ratio is handled for HTML 5 video. If not set default the browser will detect it based on the video file that is embedded. Gives the aligned videos a top margin of 0.

YouTube cards generate a youtube-nocookie. But considering this is not the first time YouTube has bugs related to this feature, I switched this back and forth in the past, I am considering just not using it anymore. I got complaints about global menus and I like to keep the global Nextgenthemes menu but 2 global menus is a bit to much. I have given the Nextgenthemes menu a video icon now.

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I hope this is a good compromise. Finished the German translation. Plugin action links on installed plugin screen Fixed: This will end a long time battle with themes styles without using bad practices. Added ARVE to menu below plugins so it can be easy found. Removed some code that is not needed. Admin page error for messing file.

Теги для Ютуба: генератор тегов, ключевых слов и идей для видео

Options not correctly put in debug-info. Make License input fields a bit wider. Some small code improvements. Small size of lightbox when using the Pro Addon. Errors on settings page when Pro Addon is not installed. Show actual meaningful message if PHP is lower then the required 5.

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Bluehost oh proud wp. Wrongly tagged version. Some thumbnails not loading. Always acted as on, default is off Fix: Improved code: Dropped 2 micro classes in favor for antonymous functions. License action return messages. Autoplay without setting — 7. Fatal error.

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Licensing field removed from the pro options tab now in main plugin. This enables resetting pro options settings without deleting license key. Autoplay not applied property. HTML5 not autoplaying in lightbox. New installations will show a message guiding users to activation screen.

Facebook URL detection for usernames with dots in them. Shortcode UI script enqueued to early causing JS erros on admin pages. Error messages for missing mandatory attributes. Moved some code logic of the pro addon out of the main plugin. Filters for new cool things coming up New: License page, relocated options page New: YouTube URL detection for playlists without starting video https: Videos displayed to small in some Browsers — 7.

Fix lightbox thumbnail Improved: CSS — Pro Addon 3. Fix thumbnails being displayed wrong in IE. Restored broken update notifications and semi auto updates. Wistia Support. Allow HTML in title attribute. Force more CSS Styles. Skip srcset function for PHP 5. Thumbnail not correctly applied to tag for self hosted videos. CSS for self hosted videos. Enabled detection for rubtube and VK and show them as supported providers, even they where supported as general iframe embeds before.

JavaScript error related to abandoned Script. Custom Thumbnails not applied. Shortcode UI script only loaded if the plugin is active.

Issue with lazyload and AJAX. W3TC issue by using yet another lazyload method. Final this time? YouTube Thumbnail detection when there are no HD images. Code used to cache thumbnails, this may improve improve performance.

Lots code restructured and improved. Its also New: Facebook thumbnail detection. Brightcove Autoplay issue.

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Liveleak thumbnail detection issues. Parameters not being added. Twitch single videos not using https Fix: Vevo marked to require flash to make it work again. Better dialog with better description and links about the shortcake UI plugin. Facebook embed method. Parameters are always possible no matter the provider. Restructure of the plugin, abandon OOP mostly. Revive saving of last setting page tab. Thumbnail URLs form the media gallery can now be cached with transients, that may improve performance.

Support for self hosted videos experimental — Pro Addon 2. Force button styles to make sure themes styles get overwritten. Pro Addon 2. Thumbnail support for Liveleak. Update loop.

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder (YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 Video …)

Thumbnails detection. Improved how license keys are handled when set in wp-config. Liveleak seems to require flash for some videos.

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Евгений Смирнов Tiberius. На youtube есть три типа видео: Так что ставьте non-listed и распространяете ссылку. Войдите, чтобы написать ответ Войти через центр авторизации. Вакансии с Моего Круга. Android разработчик. Ведущий Веб-аналитик. Sell Skill. Ещё вакансии. Важно понимать, как поисковые алгоритмы ранжируют видео по поисковым запросам пользователей. Точную формулу знают может быть только создатели.

Но общие правила, что работают для текстового поиска в Google, так же работают и в YouTube. Это подтверждается как теорией, так и нашей практикой. Основной чек-лист необходимых действий при загрузке и оптимизации видео выглядит. Подумайте, какая ключевая фраза лучше всего подходит для вашего видео. Включите ключевую фразу в имя загружаемого файла. Включите ключевую фразу в заголовок видео.

Создайте подробное описание, используя ключевую фразу и связанные с ней фразы. Добавьте теги по которым вы хотели бы, чтобы ваш видео находили Если вы используете аннотации, заставки и субтитры, добавьте к ним ключевую фразу.

Попробуйте запустить вирусный эффект, поделившись своим видео по всем доступым каналам собственный канал YouTube, социальные сети, электронная почта, форумы и. Особенно важны теги для видео. Краткое сравнение оценки от расширения vidIQ для видео с тегами и без них подтверждают. Мы загрузили видео и добавили название, описание.

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