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Documents can also be placed in your site as links to open up editable files either in the same or a new browser tabor downloaded straight to the computer. You will need to set document sharing settings to ensure your website viewers have access to view your documents e. Works on all WordPress installations including multisite networks.

Please note that to embed folders you will require the Premium or Enterprise version of this plugin. You can also purchase the premium or enterprise versions of Google Drive Embedder, including support. Premium — See details and purchase. The Enterprise version integrates Google Drive much more closely with your WordPress intranet, essentially allowing each page or post on your intranet to host its own file attachments, completely backed by Drive.

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This means you no longer need to manage Drive and your Intranet as two completely separate document sharing systems! It also introduces advanced interactive embedded folderswhere users can preview files and drill-down into subfolders all without leaving your site.

It also contains all the features of the basic and premium versions, plus support for Team Drives. Enterprise — Find out more. Google Drive document embedding and one-click login will work for the following domains and user accounts:. Google Apps Login plugin setup requires you to have admin access to any G Suite domain formerly Google Appsor a regular Gmail account, to register and obtain two simple codes from Google.

The Google Apps Login plugin which you must also install allows existing WordPress user accounts to login to the website using Google to securely authenticate their account. This means that if they are already logged into Gmail for example, they can simply click their way through the WordPress login screen — no username or password is explicitly required!

Бесплатный хостинг Google Drive для хранения файлов, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

See http: For the Google Drive plugin to work, you will need also need to install and configure the Google Apps Login plugin either before or after. If you cannot install from the WordPress plugins directory for any reason, and need to install from ZIP file:. Full support is available if you purchase the premium or enterprise license from the author via: Please feel free to email support wp-glogin.

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You will need to purchase either the premium or enterprise version of Google Drive Embedder from our website. The Enterprise version of Google Drive Embedder integrates Drive much more closely with your WordPress intranet, essentially allowing each page or post on your intranet to host its own file attachments, completely backed by Drive.

Find out more. Embed should be enabled for many non-native file types e. Please get in touch send your file or share with us if possibleand we will see if it can be supported — email contact wp-glogin. To embed Google Drive Folders or image file types, you will require the premium or enterprise version of the plugin. You will be notified if that is the case for your selected file.

This setting is essential for third-party file types such as Word and PDF otherwise all visitors will see unintelligible content. You can use lower sharing settings for Google documents e. Most likely, you need to increase sharing settings for the file. If so, click it to turn it off! If you reload your published page or post in WordPress, it should now display properly, or at least give a message saying that the document type is unsupported.

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