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Alexa lynn

Alexa Samarco. Our Typical Alexa Dinner. Hello again friends!

Alexa.Lynn (:

I know, two posts within a few days of each other, I'm on a roll right? A few weeks ago I asked you guys if you would prefer to see more detailed, less frequent posts OR more frequent and you guessed it, less detailed. Most of you said you'd alexa see me post more often, so here we are!

Unlike the lynn of my posts thus far, this one was completely unplanned. I made dinner last night just like I would any other night, shared a quick photo on Instagram and had a few of you ask for the recipe. I thought to myself, why wouldn't I share what a healthy, every day dinner recipe looks like for us?

I think sometimes this space can get overly premeditated, so this one will be more of a glimpse into what a typical night looks like for us around dinner time. I try to compromise with Shea on "healthy" eats so he still feels like he's eating a homestyle meal instead of a fancied up cafe side dish. This is an example of what those "guidelines" show hairy cunt wind up looking lynn for us!

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It's soulful, hearty, and filled with lots of whole foods that your body will thank you for.