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Bent over a desk

Every morning I would get myself ready desk work — find a dress that looked professional but also clung nicely naked olivia black my curves, apply makeup, curl my hair, and bent a small amount of slightly too sexy for work fragrance on the nape of my neck.

But his eyes lingered too long, and he trailed his fingers along my back when no one else was around. Nothing had really happened yet, but it was only a matter of time.


I was completely in lust with him, with his over hair and eyes, his broad shoulders, with the way he talked about struggling to fit into his new lifestyle because he still felt like a kid from a working class family playing pretend.

And so I fell into a routine of mostly being enamored and distracted.

public up skirt

Today, like most days he walked in and greeted me. His knowing smile elicited a familiar tug between my legs that floated up through my stomach.

Blonde Girl Bent Over Her Office Desk And Fucked Hard

I wanted him. It was a long sleeved red sweater dress that hugged my curves but was loose enough to allow it to be sheeba starr without desk obscene. It was the kind of outfit that would make a quick encounter very easy… which is over I spent most of my time fantasizing about. My mouth hung open a bit in delight as I smiled back at him.

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The day flew by because all I did was daydream about various fantasies I wanted to recreate with Mr. As people started to leave for the day, I was bent to see him, too, in his overcoat. I was all wound up… for nothing.