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Booty talk

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Booty Talk - text B Lil Boosie. She Gotta, She gotta walk that walk and booty talk oh yeah We got bad ass in here booty and lil Webbie ya heard me This how it's goin down look Webbie. That's that booty talkin 2 ya ain't nothin comin out her mouth. She gotta booty like Shenana u kno i aint lyin Got me growlin like a lion when she walk though the line Put a glass on that ass when she stand straight up oohhh Damn i c wat her mama gave her I like it when she make it clap When she rock that baby phat Got my thang hard like superman knee caps She make a thug relapse Gurl u kno u a fool Plus u hotter than a oven kno a thug need u Well look here girl wit that thong on yo back Make me look good porno poses the hood when u n that cadillac Matta fact count booty and get high Put a seatbelt on them thighs and lets take a long ride Look the question is y yo booty so wide Like im pickin up a couch tryna take it inside She gotta face on her shoulders plus talk body Tight jeans and spandex is wat she rockin And she a real dime piece she cook and she clean But she always have problems puttin on them jeans Naw talk talk get in now booty talk get in now Walk dat walk and booty talk.

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