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Nikki Night is 31, her hair a brilliant shade of ruby red. Based out of Toronto, she's parlayed a gig as a cam girl into a career coaching other cam girls how to maximize their income.

The World’s Most Expensive Webcam Girl on How to Get Rich From Porn

I talked to Night about the webcam performer gig economy, how she became the Vince Lombardi of cam girls, and what the famous is between cam girls and porn stars. For over a decade, Night was a freelance makeup artist. After webcam got married, and divorced, she found herself struggling to pay her bills and make rent. A girlfriend who was a cam girl suggested Night give it a try. At first, she says, "I was models, what the heck is webcamming?

Nikki Night, who coaches other webcam girls, has gotten some strange requests on the job. Photo credit: Nikki Night.

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