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Gay bisexual videos

How It All Got Started

YouTube on Monday admitted that its family-friendly restricted mode had wrongly labeled gay videos on its site. The company apologized and promised to fix the error after users complained that the site was filtering some videos about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues.

YouTube was pressed over the weekend by some of its biggest stars to address the issue, and the statement on Monday evening appeared to go further to address some of the complaints than a pair of previous statements, released on Sunday and Monday afternoon.

Just looked at my videos with the "restricted mode" on. Seeing a bit of a theme here Calum McSwiggan, who makes videos about gay rights and other issues, was among those who asked YouTube to address the problem bisexual the weekend. In its statement on Sunday, YouTube said videos many videos featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender content were unaffected videos the filter, an optional parental-control mode, and that it targeted only those that discussed delicate topics such as politics, health and sexuality.

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But some video creatorsincluding the musicians Tegan and Sara and Tyler Oakley, a YouTube personality and gay-rights gay, disagreed, pointing to blocked content that they argued was suitable for children of any age and did not discuss such subjects. They also said the filtering shielded lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children from the resources and support the videos can provide.

Tegan and Sara, among others, responded to the statement released on Monday bisexual measured praise, expressing thanks for the acknowledgment of the mistake while seeking clarity on how restricted mode tennis girl nude. Wright said on Monday.

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