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Haley sweet bio

Haley Sweet is haley like her name, sweet swapping partners video can be.

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This barely legal pornstar looks so young sweet almost feel guilty watching her sex videos but she just turned 22! So look all you want and make sure to jerk off to her gorgeous body and her sweet face. Haley Sweet may be sweeter than apple pie but she's also a dirty girl who enjoys cumshot facials and don't you forget it.

Haley Sweet

She loves her piercings she's got a belly button piercing, both her nipples pierced, her left bottom lip, tongue, and her nose and her tattoos you'll find a sexy red flower on her right bikini line, a rose on her right shoulder blade gyno voyeur a butterfly behind her ear. She also has nice sweet tits with bio little nipples and she's happy to show off her goods whenever she gets the chance. At only pounds this little vixen can be thrown into just about any sex position and with her happy-go-lucky attitude she's bound to enjoy herself!

Haley Sweet entered the porn industry at the ripe age of Haley was fresh and ready for cum. A true free spirit, there isn't much Haley hasn't conquered both in front of the camera and in her own personal sex life.

She has the sweetest little pussy of any co-ed bio and though she's not afraid to show it off. Check out a few of Haley's sex videos and you'll be a fan for life! Haley Sweet's favourite thing about being in the porn industry is how frequently she gets to be pounded by big dick.