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Jenny an joey

Joey and Jenny met through the hands of fate. There are so many gamers out in the world but by chance Joey and Jenny happened to meet at the exact moment in space and time that they did and it sparked a connection that would grow stronger.

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Before even becoming true friends in the real world they spent countless hours slaying slime, battling bosses, and looting xxxgayhd sweet gear in the game Adventure Quest Worlds! She was known to him as Shadowgirl Jynnxeand he was sdf to her.

Lynn Haven Summer Concert Series- Jenny & Joey Shaling

Neither quite knew their friendship status would evolve into something much greater. After about a year of playing AQW together, they became friends on social media and kept in daily contact.

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Instant messaging and texting soon turned to video chatting and movie watching together. Time passed and as all young love blooms, Joey finally took the first step and asked Jenny to be jenny girlfriend on August 10, Daily video chats kept the couple close through joey 3, mile distance. It wasn't until joey years into the relationship that the pair finally met face to face!

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They had a fun 9 days planned out of nonstop adventures! After jenny first meeting they had a few other visits back and forth.

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