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Mindy mccreedy sex tape

Remember that unauthorized Mindy McCready sex tape?

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Not so unauthorized. In fact, E!

Mindy McCready Stars In Sex Tape, Claims She Had Oral Sex with Roger Clemens at 16 | TV Guide

News has a document that makes it seem very, very authorized. Vivid Entertainment has come up with, and shared with us, what appears to an authentic, notarized consent form signed by one "Malinda G. McCready" Mindy's real name on Jan. View the consent form.

Mindy McCready Devastated by Sex Tape

According to the model release and ID verification form, "Malinda McCready has been paid for all sex tape footage. The form — which McCready's layla monroe xxx videos have wasted no time in challenging the legitimacy of — also lays out what is included on the tape:.

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Mindy McCready is a country star. Both where [sic] over 18 when recorded. Footage is 2 hours, 40 minutes long.