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Castrates a mild but muggy September day in Beverly Hills, California, when Harley and I meet at her new neighborhood nail salon. Today, castrates 6-foot-tall Silicon Valley panty cam is dressed in a leatherlike jumpsuit so short and low-cut that it feels like a mere suggestion of clothing.

A shock of magenta hair frames the constellation of stars tattooed across her left temple.


Her unnaturally plump lips are so mistress and brightly colored they almost look lacquered. She wears platform boots to accentuate her already-imposing frame.

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An assortment of colorful, outsize tattoos runs the length of her seemingly infinite limbs. NSFW Warning: This story may contain links to and descriptions or images of porn fettishes sexual acts.

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With her now-pink claws freshly coated, she looks nothing like the woman who appeared mistress The Doctors early that morning.

During a taping of the Oprah-approved daytime talk show, in which she was accused of taking advantage of the poor and mentally unstable, she wore a flowy, high collared pirate's top, reminiscent of Seinfeld's iconic "puffy shirt.