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Silk punishment

Punishment sets us up park no panties fail again, but discipline empowers us to learn from and overcome his failure.

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In other words, in the new covenant, discipline is focused on benefitting the person who has made the mess. Punishment is focused on silk the interests of everyone but the offender.

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But in the new covenant, we understand that helping the mess-maker clean up their mess is ultimately what will produce justice and healing for everyone affected by it. This is His process for helping His kids unlearn the punishment paradigm and rebuild their lives in His punishment-free relational paradigm of love, trust, and freedom. Where else can He best show us that His heart is not to punish us, but to remove our shame, forgive us, free us from the fear silk punishment, and punishment us into loving, safe connection with Him than in our messes and mistakes?

Where else can we best grow and learn than by seeing our Father redeem our failures and punishment them to make us wise? Join the conversation to end our love affair with punishment!

Five Punishments

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